The Chair of Computer Science 6 (Data Management) is part of the Department of Computer Science, which belongs to the Faculty of Engineering of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

The Chair was founded in 1979 by appointing Prof. em. Dr. Hartmut Wedekind. After his retirement, Prof. Dr. Klaus Meyer-Wegener was appointed in 2001 as the new head. From October 2001 to May 4th, 2020, he has been the head of the Institute of Computer Science 6 (Data Management). Now he is in the passive phase of his part-time employment prior to retirement. Until the succession was settled, Prof. Dr. Richard Lenz has been provisionally heading the Institute of Computer Science 6.

Prof. Dr. Viktor Leis was appointed in April 2021. Since then he is the head of the Chair of Computer Science 6.

Since April 2007, the associated professorship is staffed with Prof. Dr. Richard Lenz. 2019 it has been moved in the independent professorship for Evolutionary Data Management.