Data Stream Application Manager

Data Stream Application Manager

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Start date: 01/10/2008
End date: 30/09/2017
Acronym: DSAM
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DSAM is a middleware
for managing global data-stream queries.
These queries are distributed to heterogeneous platforms
including self-contained data-stream management systems
and sensor networks.
The project's main goal is to automatically
distribute and deploy
a platform-independent model,
i.e. a global query,
to heterogeneous and distributed stream-processing components.
Queries are defined
in a declarative abstract query language.
They are partitioned
according to cost models
and topological constraints.
DSAM then generates queries
in the target systems' query language,
each implementing a partial query.
For sensor networks,
we additionally adopt source-code generation.
Further challenges are
efficient metadata management and
decentralized query management,
especially in the context of wireless sensor networks.