PhD Defense at Inf6

The photo shows Prof. Lenz, Peter Schwab and Prof. Meyer-Wegener after the doctoral examination. They are outside, in front of the entrance to the Computer Science Tower. All three men stand next to each other and wear casual dark suits. Peter Schwab is in the middle and wears an academic hat. All three smile at the camera.
On the picture you can see Prof. Lenz, Mr. Schwab and Prof. Meyer-Wegener after the defense (starting from left).

Our former research assistant Peter Schwab has recently completed his PhD. He defended on 2022, September 8th with his presentation on „A Query Repository With Evolutionary Policy-Based Classification of SQL Queries”. Prof. Meyer-Wegener and Prof. Kosch (University Passau) were reviewers. Prof. Lenz was head of committee. After finishing the publication procedure, Mr. Schwab will be awarded a “Dr.-Ing.” degree from the Faculty of Engineering of FAU.