The chair of computer science 6 runs its own certificate authority. All SSL certificates in the infrastructures (except for this webserver) are signed by this CA.


cs6 Root Certificate

Installing the Certificate for…

Unfortunately SSL infrastructures vary across operating systems, so you might have to execute several installing procedures.

If you install the CA certificate on windows 8.1 it will be available to application programs, like the Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

  1. Open the certificate and install it.
  2. Choose whether to install it for the current user or the machine.
  3. Make it a trusted root certificate.

  1. Open preferences and select certificates.
  2. Import the downloaded file as trusted root certificate.

  1. Open “chrome://settings/certificates” and select authorities and import the downloaded file as trusted root certificate.

  1. Download the certificate. Double click to open keychain access and install/import the certificate.

  • 0b:71:71:f1:96:0d:66:29:99:8e:0d:ed:a2:d8:4c:d0 (RSA)
  • 55:71:d8:2a:45:13:3a:9b:1f:4d:3f:ad:8a:ca:d1:06 (ECDSA)